Saturday, June 11, 2011

RBC video

Here's a video of me and Buddy doing barrels at the rodeo at Rodeo Bible Camp. A slow time, but he did a great job, for learning everything in just 4 days!! :-)

For sake of a smaller size for the video so I could upload it, I had to cut off the first part, where Buddy decided as soon as we made it through the gate that he wanted to go back out with his friends. So we did a bunch of circles before starting our run. :-) It was his first rodeo ever, so he was a little nervous...


Jessica said...

for learning in 4 days??? girl that IS GREAT!!! I worked for months and my horse kept hitting barrels when we sped things up fast and my knees paid for it haha :P keep up the good work. :) <3

missladybug said...

That looks so cool!
Great job.
kate k.

Nela said...

Really nice work!
Good job! ;)