Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Pictures

I haven't posted in so long, that I have quite a little stock of pictures just waiting to be posted! So, here's a typical random photo post... :-)

Strawberry coffee milkshake- yum!! :-)

It's been raining a lot in Kansas- goes right along with all the tornadoes we've been having here in the Midwest...

A cute little chipmunk decided to come visit... :-)

My cat Midnight was keeping an eye on the chipmunk for us. She wasn't too happy that she couldn't get to it!

"You leave it, you lose it!"

I tried out a new recipe for Ultimate Turtle Brownies (minus the nuts) for a steak dinner at work. They turned out amazing! :-)

We found our screened-porch table like this one morning... It had happened around 11 o'clock the night before, and we all went out to investigate, but of course it was too dark for pictures, so that had to wait 'till morning. We're not sure what happened- it just collapsed! The glass of the table wasn't even sharp on the edges, really- it more of cracked internally, or something. We're guessing it must have been something in the air pressure, but don't really know what caused it to do this.

Messing with depth of field on my point-and-shoot. I can't decide which one I like better- what do you think? Do you like the table or the piece of glass in focus in these pictures?

My inquisitive horse Velvet finally stood still long enough I could get a clear picture of her :-)

Nerds- yum! :-)
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Grace C. said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing about the table. We had the same thing happen to our storm door a couple of years back except all the glass was still in the door frame, but shattered like your table. Dad says it has to do with the way it was made. Something wasn't done right in the making of the glass (like not baking the glass long enough, I think) so over time it will shatter like that.