Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Update

Hi! Sorry I haven't updated this in a while... I've been busy with other things and completely forgot about it. :-) But, my dad is now home, and doing well. The surgeon did have to go in again on Friday, the day after the surgery, to fix a small bleeding point. However, that went well, so my dad was able to come home on Tuesday, only one day later than originally planned. I'll update more on his recovery soon. :-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Through the Surgery

Yeah! The surgery is over now- it was over just a little after 12. Praise God- it took less time than they anticipated to do the surgery! The surgeon was able to repair, rather than replace, the heart valve, as well, and he was very pleased with how the surgery went. Please continue to pray for the recovering process to be speedy. And also for my mom, who is planning to stay here for the rest of the time he will be here in the hospital, while we kids take turns being here with them. :-) Hopefully, my dad will be able to come home by Monday- it depends, of course, on how quickly his recovery is going. Thank you so much for all of your prayers- the surgeon was grateful for the prayers, as well, once my mom mentioned it to him.

In the Waiting Room

Well, my dad's off for pre-surgery things and then the surgery at 8:30... The rest of us are now in the waiting room at the hospital- we won't see my dad again till after the surgery. We had to get up around 5:15 in order to get around and get here to see him before they took him back. Thanks for your prayers! :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yes, I know it's not Thursday yet... :-) But, I wanted to make sure I could post this. My dad's surgery is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning, so we kids will be at the hospital bright and early... Hopefully the waiting room we will be in will have WiFi, so I'll try to keep you updated, if we do- I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to do so. ;-) The surgery is normally an average of 5 hours, ranging from 4 to 6. So, you can be praying that my dad will keep calm, and keep resting in God to help him through this, and also for my mom, that she won't be nervous the whole surgery, and that she would also continue to trust God to handle it all. Thanks for your prayers, and I'll try to keep you updated... :-)

At the hotel...

Well, we 4 kids are sitting in the hotel room now... We stopped by the hospital first, to see our dad. Our mom is staying the nights tonight with him. I'll keep you updated!! ;-)

Hospital Update

Well, as promised, here's the first update on my dad. The open-heart surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:30. However, he and my mom headed in to the hospital this morning, around 6, for pre-surgery tests of sorts. Those are supposed to start around 8:30 this morning. This afternoon, they are supposed to find out more details about the surgery. Thanks for all your prayers, and I'll try to keep you updated! :-)