Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Cake, Anyone?

"Long time, no see" a blog post on here! Wow- it's been quite a while! I just got a job, and am now working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all day, so I don't have as much time to write blog posts. ;-) So, I'll start back with a book review and a picture. :-)

Horse Tales From Heaven by Rebecca E. Ondov
Time to Hit the Trail!

"Drawing on 15 years of living "in the saddle" while guiding pack trips and working as a wilderness ragner, gifted writer and avid horsewoman Rebecca Ondov invites you to experience life in a wilderness camp, discovering wisdom to live by through true stories about...

  • a frisky cayuse and an early morning chase
  • a nigh-blind horse and mule's unusual relationship
  • a sleepless night in grizzly country
  • a startling cure for snoring at base camp
  • a wilderness "drive-thru" cafe
Horse Tales from Heaven capture authentic western life and what it means to depend on God for love, provision, and grace as you ride the trail with Him every day."

No, I did not write this- it's straight from the back of the book. ;-) However, I have really enjoyed reading this book- her writing style and the stories itself make it very difficult to put the book down, even though the chapters are relatively short. I think this may be one of my favorite books now, and I definitely encourage you to read it- it's great! :-)


And now for the above-promised picture.... Chocolate cake, anyone?? Allison and I made this cake for our elders and wives retreat last weekend, and it looked so incredible I insisted we snatch a picture. :-)

Not the prettiest in the world, but it sure tasted amazing! What could go wrong with chocolate cake, home-whipped cream, and fresh strawberries?? Well, I guess when you put too much of the latter two ingredients on, something might go wrong.... After my mom had cut it (Allison refused to, because of the mess it was sure to make), and all the adults had gone back into the dining room, I turned around to see the top half of the cake upside-down on the counter! Apparently cutting the cake threw it all off balance, and the top half fell off! Oh well- it was still the best-tasting thing all day! :-)


Nela said...

The cake looks really good! :)
Good job!

ajfcello said...

oh!! that looks delicious!!!

Love Unawakened said...

Wow.... now thats a cake!!