Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Excerpts #2

I figured it was about time to put another book excerpt on here for you guys... I can't let you have too much from this particular scene, though, or it'll give away half the story, so it's a rather short one, but is the beginning of one of my favorite scenes. ;-) I'll try to post a few longer ones soon...

“Well, good morning, Aniya,” Jed greeted her as she came in the barn.

“I don’t see what’s so good about it,” she replied tartly.

“Oh, mornings are always good- God made them all good- all we have to do is find the good in them.”

“Well, I can’t find anything good in this particular morning, and I can't see how you could either.”


ajfcello said...

oh come on!!! what's next!!! Why is she so upset? What's going on?!?! :-) rats, i guess i won't ever know. :-( lol

Hannah Marie said...

lol- well, if I ever get around to editing it enough that I might let someone else read it, I'll let you. ;-)