Friday, February 11, 2011

Protect Parental Rights!

In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the “primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.” Yet, since that clear declaration, the right of responsible parents to raise their children had been increasingly threatened. The UN Convention for the Rights of the Child, already used as customary international law by the U.S. Supreme Court and requiring only 67 senatorial votes to be legally equivalent to the U.S. Constitution, is the primary threat. If adopted, the treaty would devastate American families in the following ways:

1. The government would have authority to override every parental decision concerning the child.

2. The child would be allowed to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.

3. Children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure.

Although those three aspects of the treaty are alarming, they barely scratch the surface of the UN treaty’s substance. If the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child is adopted by the U.S. or the Supreme Court continues to reference it, the American family will be destroyed. The only solution to permanently protect children by empowering parents is the Parental Rights Amendment. To learn more, to sign the petition, or to get involved go to Please pass the word and post on your blog!

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