Sunday, February 27, 2011

More pictures

I went with my mom, dad, sister, and a couple of my dad's bank customers to a Lipizzaner show yesterday afternoon. Since it was with the bank, we got to go and be in a suite! My dad's bank has a permanent suite at the arena this was in, so we got to go for free- as long as he takes along at least one customer! It was really cool... :-) And the pictures I got were amazing- they said that flash photography was fine, and the horses didn't mind (good thing- mine would probably freak out!), and they had spotlights on the horses, and no other lights on- it was incredible! And since I would love to know which picture(s) are your favorites, I'm going to number each one below the picture- let me know what you think! :-)

Pic. #1- I love the lighting- it just looks cool... ;-)

Pic. #2

Pic. #3

Pic. #4

Pic. #5- enter "Elvis"! This horse's nickname is Elvis, and is a Friesian. One of the ladies in the booth with us had just been commenting on how cool it would be to have a big black Friesian out there amidst all the white Lipizzaners, and out came this horse! :-) All the music to go with the Lipizzaners was Classical music, but they had jazzier-type for Elvis- it was pretty cool. :-)

Pic. #6

Pic. #7

Pic. # 8- I love his bow!

Pic. #9- learning about the brands on a Lipizzaner- it was really cool- you should look it up! Just by looking at the brands, you can tell who their parents were, where they were born, etc.- anything that a registration paper would tell you. :-)

Pic. #10- Our "storyteller" :-) He had a cool way of remembering how to spell "Lipizzaner"- think "Li-pizza-ner". Pretty cool!

Pic. #11- learning about the Lipizzaners journey from Austria during World War II, and how General Patton helped to save the horses from extinction. Also another thing you should look up. ;-) They have a website-

Pic. #12

Pic. #13- there were 8 total riders & horses doing this part.

Pic. #14- love this one, too...

Pic. #15

Pic. #16

Pic. #17

Pic. #18


Katherine Wilson said...

That would be sooo cool to see!!! I think I like pictures #3, #12, and #14 the best but they are all cool!

Hannah Jean said...

I'm soo jealous!! I'm sure you had tons of fun. I think #2, #15, and #18 are my favorites :P

Elizabeth Kilpatrick said...

I love no. 3. And no. 18 - can't believe that guy didn't get kicked in the head....

Kelsey said...

I love #4, #12, and #14 :) They're all good though!