Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, I haven't posted in forever, and I have a ton of pictures to post! But, since I just took these today, and want to know what you guys think of them, I'll post them first, rather than going in chronological order. ;-)

Icicles on the icicles!

Our lovely driveway :-)

This tree looked like someone had been throwing snowballs at it- but no one had- the snow just ended up like that...

One of my favorites ;-)

I love this one!

We have so much snow it was coming up so far on my legs that it was getting in my boots! Nice wet jeans and socks... :-)

Part of a windchime

The squirrel feeder

In case you hadn't noticed- I was rather obsessed with deer tracks when I went out this morning... :-)

Let me know what you think- I'd love to hear what you think of my pictures- I know what I think, but it's always better to get someone else's opinion! :-)


Nela said...

Those are really nice pictures! :) Good job! I like the 6th picture the best. ;)

Elizabeth Kilpatrick said...

Nice Pictures!!! Your pretty creative!

ajfcello said...

Great pics, Hannah! 5 and 6 are probably my favorite as far as focus and creativity. :-) Their all great though! :-)

sunnycalgirl said...

I like them all..Nice job!

Kelsey said...

I really like the 5th and 6th pictures from the top :). The ones that you really liked ;)