Friday, November 26, 2010

Day after Thanksgiving Shopping

Well, there are been debates around our house on why it was called "Black Friday" to begin with... Unfortunately, as it was on our way to shopping this morning, we had no Internet or other way of finding it out- I'll be doing research on it later, to appease my curiosity... ;-) However, my theory is that they call it "Black Friday" on account of the gazillions of people who are crazy enough to get up at unearthly hours to go outside where it's pitch black outside, and go shopping in order to make it back home while it's still pitch black outside- there seems to be a contest, as though everyone's afraid of the sun!! Or, well, it's probably more like the freezing-cold 20-degree weather... :-)

And yes, I was one of the crazy people this year... Just got back from shopping, and spending over 3 hours in JoAnn fabric, just waiting for Allison's number 81 fabric-cutting number to come up... It was dark when we went inside, but when we came back out again, it was time for the sunglasses!!

It all started yesterday, actually, when my sister Allison had declared first thing that she was not going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Well, all of that changed when my grandparents came over for Thanksgiving lunch, and brought the newspaper, which brought tidings of great deals everywhere! And some not-so-great deals that they tried to make look as good as possible, too.

So, after some deliberation, we decided that we 4 girls (me, my 2 sisters, and my mom) would go shopping. But then came the decision of "what time should we leave?" Well, as the first store we wanted to go to opened at midnight, and the next store at 4, it was decided to leave at 2 o'clock in the morning in order to make the half-hour drive and be done in the first store before heading to the next one when it opened.

Carolyn and I opted for no sleep at all, and just watched movies on our laptops in bed, instead of sleeping... ;-)

At the dreaded 2 o'clock freezing time of the day (or rather, night), we bundled up to brave the cold and go shopping! We ended up being way ahead of schedule, and sat around in the nice warm car for over half an hour waiting for Target to open, and finally gave up to go to Sears before Target. By then, the thermometer on the bank downtown read 19 degrees... Brrr!!!! Thank you Target for having a Starbucks inside! ;-) Had a yummy peppermint white chocolate mocha... Enough said on that point. ;-)

We finally made it through all of our stores to spend a whole 3 hours in JoAnn, with the reason stated above.

Did any of you go shopping today, on the day after Thanksgiving (still my preferred name for the day- Black Friday sounds so dismal, and to be dreaded- maybe for good reason, though...)?


ajfcello said...

We did!!! :-) WHOO that was an adventure!!! Walmart's sale started at Midnight so, yep! We were there at 11 with about 200 other desperate shoppers waiting to get the best deals. We weren't allowed to put stuff in the cart till they said go and man! This one woman would get furious at anyone who even looked at 'her vaccuum'!! :-) When they finally said 'go', it was caos!!! People were literally shoving and pulling to get things!!! I got my little mixer and met my dad, sister and cousin in a checkout. We stood in line for about 20 minutes and then we were out of there! :-) Then at about 5:00 this morning, we went to JCPennys (awesome place). It wasn't NEAR as bad as Walmart!! :-)

Nela said...

I wasn't planning too at first, but my older brother wanted to go to this local store in town, and since my family goes grocery shopping every Friday, I went along with the rest of the kids and our dad at around noon, and we stopped at a couple stores before I made a purchase at this very unique clothes store where I got a red-sleeved shirt, a slim black vest, and an owl-shaped necklace. I'll post a picture of it on my blog sometime soon.

Hope you had fun shopping! :)

Ellyn said...

Haha, sounds like fun!

My dad says its called Black Friday because "black" is a technical word that means you (a storeowner) are making a profit or something. And the day after Thanksgiving is counted on as a big profit-making day for store-owners.

:D Tha'ts my input!

Hannah Marie said...

Thanks, Ellyn! That sounds like a much more condensed, easier-to-understand version of what my dad, who is a lawyer, was trying to explain to me about it... ;-)