Friday, August 13, 2010

NoteWorthy Music 2010 Pictures

More pictures of NoteWorthy!! I'll probably post more later, once I get more pictures from other people, but here are some for right now. Enjoy!! :-)

My children's choir team :-)

We got a little tired of writing songs/orchestrating (not sure which one we were doing :-)), and decided to sit in the windowsills and watch the amazing thunderstorm... Tons of fun :-)

The whole class (plus Josh, one of the teachers) in our matching T-shirts that we made

Last-minute working on orchestrations

Me, Becca, and Natalia

Me, Becca, and Natalia again :-)

Natalia's turn to conduct our orchestra!!

Most of the class after the concert...

Bethany Bergeron- our amazing accompanist for choir!!!!

The 2 lone guys, Donald and Jonathan...

Christa, Elizabeth, and Kate

The only brother/sister team of the class :-)

Fun picture (from left to right- Anna, Elizabeth, Rachel, with Victoria in the front)

Several of us relaxing after the final concert!! :-)

Me and my roommates after the final concert


ajfcello said...

Looks like fun!

Grace C. said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I like the picture of you and your roommates in the windowsills.

Hannah Jean said...

I love the pictures, Hannah! I know you had a ton of fun... :-)

donlado said...

Hannah i love your pix i wonder were you got them...don't worry we weren't to lonely it was so much fun!!!