Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do We Really Mean What we Sing?*

  • We sing "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and pray only a few minutes each day.
  • We sing "I Love to Tell the Story" and seldom mention Jesus to anybody.
  • We sing "Blest be the Tie" and let the slightest offense sever it.
  • We sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and wait to be drafted.
  • We sing "Serve the Lord with Gladness" and gripe about all we have to do.
  • We sing "Cast Thy Burden on the Lord" and then worry ourselves into a nervous breakdown.

Something to think about, for sure- I know that I don't mean what I sing a lot of the time. Do you?

*Taken from a slip of paper from a magazine (not sure what magazine- this just showed up on the fridge and I thought I would share it :-))


ajfcello said...

I love this, Hannah! Would you mind if I shared it on my blog?

Hannah Marie said...

Sure- go ahead. :-)