Thursday, October 7, 2010

BTS Stolen Treasure

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted anything! :-) I'm at Hannah Jean's right now, working on finishing filming for the movie. We've only got one, maybe two, days left of filming, then the editing! :-) I thought I would post some pictures from our latest shoots on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Me trying to get dirty, but my skirt wasn't cooperating- it didn't look dirty at all, till I put water on it, then the dirt!! ;-)

Time to get dirty- dirt fight!! :-)

Typical- me talking on the cell phone while in costume... ;-)

My shoe fell apart!!

Anna petting the Williamsons' cow

Anna feeding the Williamsons' bull

Director with actresses :-)

Doing voice-overs

Anna and Fluffy

Me and Anna

Oh, how cute!! :-)

I love my hair in this picture- my favorite hair-do with my favorite dress of the movie!! :-)

Me and my "little sister" Anna :-)

Aunt Cindy's double, Heidi

Exhausted actress...

Moving furniture around for a scene :-)


Becca said...

I love yall's outfits and hair! It looks like yall are having a lot of fun! :D

Grace C. said...

Looks like you are having fun!

Katherine Wilson said...

I love all your costumes!!! What is the movie your making about?

kate said...

haha looks like a ton of fun!

Hannah Jean said...

I think the second one of you and Anna is my favorite :-)

Hannah Marie said...

Wow- this is a record- 5 comments on one post!! :-)

Becca, Grace, and Kate- yes, we're having a ton of fun!! ;-)

Katherine, it's a pretty complicated plot to try to explain, but it's basically about 2 orphaned girls who go to live with their aunt- that's a really condensed description. ;-)

HJ, which one? Of the London scene? That's my favorite... except maybe the next one, where you can see my hair better. ;-)

Heidi Anne said...

Love the pics! Hope you had lots of fun here!